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Printing Coupons Overview

Sometimes the coupon printer does not activate correctly and the results vary from one computer to another. This page will walk you through activating the coupon printer step by step.

Activating the Coupon Printer

Activate the coupon printer before printing coupons, all coupons checked before activating the coupon printer will become unchecked after the coupon printer has been activated.
However, you do need to have one coupon checked in order to activate the coupon printer.

STEP ONE   Press the red "Print Now" button

After checking one coupon select the red "Print Now" button

STEP TWO   Press the "Activate Now" button"

Click the "Activate Now" button in the window as shown below

STEP THREE   Click the yellow information bar

An instructional window will appear in the center of the page with a yellow information bar at the top of your browser. Click on the yellow information bar and a menu will pop up. In the popup menu click on "Install ActiveX Control".

STEP FOUR   Click "Install ActiveX Control" in the popup menu

Click "Install ActiveX control" on the popup menu to bring up the install window.

STEP FIVE   Click the "Install" button on the window.

Click the "Install" button that appears after you have clicked on the "Install ActiveX Control" menu.

Important: If you do not see the install window above you will need to repeat steps 1 through 4 again. Sometimes it takes two tries.

That's it. Now choose your coupons by selecting the check box next to them and choose the red "Print Now" button.

The coupon printer only needs to be installed once so you will not have to do this again when you want to come back and print more coupons. Remember, the coupons change regularly so come back for more great coupon savings!