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This web site is:

1)  Completely Free of Charge   2)   No Personal Information Required   3)  No Password or Sign In Required
However, by creating a free account and logging in, you will be able to save your grocery list online, share your list with others, and use all the extra features and options associated with GroceryWiz.

This web site will:

  1. Allow you to create and print a grocery list from any computer with Internet.
  2. Point and click on a wide range of product selections.
  3. Allow you to specify the quantity of items.
  4. Provide a space for entering coupons and comments.
  5. Allow you to save your grocery list online (free account needed).
  6. Allow you to share your list with others (free account needed).

Quick Start

The web site is broken down into different grocery categories, such as vegetables, bread, dairy etc. Each category has many specific items. For example, the vegetable category has beans, carrots, and onions listed among many other items. Choose a grocery category by clicking on one of them listed on the left hand side of most pages.

Adding items to your list:
Let's assume you want to add an "onion" to your grocery list.
1)  Click on the "Vegetables" grocery category listed on the left hand side of most pages.
2)  Find the grocery item "onion" listed toward the bottom of the "Vegetables" page.
3)  Click on the dropdown box next to "onions" to add a specific type of onion; sweet, white, yellow, etc.

In order to add "yellow onions" to the list, click on the dropdown box next to "onion", and select "yellow".
Now that yellow has been selected from the dropdown box, check the "onion" check box.
This adds "yellow onion" to the list and will show up in the floating window that moves along the right hand side of most pages.  

Printing your list:
Once all the grocery items have been added to the list it can be printed out on your printer. Select the "Print My List" menu option at the top of most pages. This will show you a list of all the items that are on the grocery list. Click on the "Print" menu item in your web browser to print your list.

Frequently asked questions

How do I remove single items from my grocery list?

Uncheck the same check box that you originally checked when you added your grocery item to the list.

What follows is a typical example:
Let's assume you have already added an item to your list called "beans". This means you went to the "vegetables" category page and checked the check box next to the grocery item called "beans". After checking the check box, the word "beans" appears in the floating window on the right-hand side of the page. The grocery item "beans" also appears when you click on "Print My List" at the top of the page.

So far so good......

Now, in order to remove the item "beans" from your list go to the "Vegetables" page, and uncheck the check box that is now checked for the item "beans". This will remove "beans" from the floating window on the right-hand side of the page and "beans" will NOT show up when you click on "Print My List" at the top of the page.

Watch out for the common mistake below:
The checkbox applies to the currently selected type in the dropdown only.

For example:
Looking at the grocery item "beans", it has two types; "green beans", and "yellow beans". If you want to remove "yellow beans" from your grocery list you would first click on the dropdown next to "beans" and choose "yellow beans" from the dropdown. Next you would uncheck the check box for "beans". This will remove "yellow beans" from your list and does not affect "green beans" since they were not selected in the dropdown.

Another way to clear single items from your list:
Choose the main menu item "My List Options" at the top of most pages. Click on items you want to remove that appear in the list.

Why are parts of the text or page cut off, covered up, or sometimes overlap?

There are two options in Internet Explorer that can cause this problem.  1) The "Text Size" option that controls how large text appears on the page and,  2)  the "Zoom" option which allows you to make the page appear larger. Both of these features were designed to make pages easier to read.

Unfortunately, these options can cause problems if the settings are set too large. Check to see that you have these settings set to 100%  for "Zoom" and "Medium" for "Text Size".

How to change the "Text Size" option in Internet Explorer (version 7.0 and greater)

  1. Select the "View" main menu option and a sub menu will appear.
  2. Scroll to "Text Size" and click on the "Medium" sub menu option.

How to change the "Zoom" option in Internet Explorer (version 7.0 and greater)

  1. Select the "Page", main menu option, and a sub menu will appear.
  2. Scroll to the "Zoom" sub menu and click on 100%.

Note:  Internet Explorer (versions 6.x) instructions for changing "Text Size".
1. Select Tools and click Internet Options 2. Select the General tab and click the box entitled Accessibility 3. Ensure that all three buttons under Formatting are checked 4. Click OK in Accessibility dialog box 5. Click OK in Internet Options dialog box 6. Click Refresh
After successfully disabling style sheets, 1. Select View 2. Scroll to Text Size and choose your preference

Features and options

Clearing all the items in your grocery list?

This feature allows you to remove all of your grocery items from your list, without having to individually uncheck each item one at a time.

Access this feature by clicking on the "My List Options" main menu item at the top of most pages, and then clicking on the "Clear List" button that will appear on the page.
In order use this feature you must have a free GroceryWiz account.