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 Walmart Weekly Ads & Walmart Grocery Coupons

Check the Walmart circular to find the latest GROCERY COUPONS. Also, get hundreds of PRINTABLE GROCERY COUPONS to use at Walmart. Bookmak this page so you can come back for savings every week. Enjoy! Walmart Walmart weekly ad
Other Wal-Mart savings offers that might interest you. Check back often for new coupons and weekly ads. The grocery coupons links listed above will offer new coupons every week. So don't forget to bookmark this page. The Wal-Mart link below will have more store savings at Wal-Mart by using the Walmart Flyer.


We have Walmart Coupons and other Walmart related info on our Walmart Coupons pages. Just like the other coupons pages the coupons come and go so check back often.

 Savings Tips for Walmart

Going to Walmart can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. There are so many items in the store that it’s easy to lose focus and just start buying things as you happen to notice items in the aisles. Please take a moment and read the tips below they will keep you from over spending and allow you to leave the store with a little more cash in hand.

Manufactures Coupons Manufacturer coupons are great for saving at any store not just Walmart. You can print them out on your printer and they can be used like Walmart Coupons.

Walmart Circular
The Walmart ad found on this page is a great resource to use for finding all the deals before you head to the store. Familiarize yourself with the current savings so you can recognize them when you’re at Walmart. They have a really nice online Walmart circular that can be viewed as if you were using a paper weekly circular.

Discover Card for Walmart
Walmart offers a discover card that can save you up to 1% on items you buy and another 3 cents per gallon when you buy gas with the Walmart Discover Card at a Walmart gas station.

Use Walmart Twitter
Sign up to follow Walmart with Twitter. They have a deal that they tweet out every day. It’s usually a single deal that has a deep discount.

Email Savings Update
Sign up for Walmart offers that can be sent to you via Email. They send savings into your inbox called “Rollback offers” and “Special Offers”.

Mobil Phone Alert
Walmart has a Mobile Alert system that will notify you of savings on your cell phone. They send out around four mobile alert savings per week to your phone.

Free Samples
Walmart offer free products from different companies and they have collected all the free sample and put them on place on their web site here. You will usually need to enter your name and address to get the free sample from Walmart.

Walmart Coupons
Walmart has their own coupons that you can print out on your printer before taking them to the store. They change often and have a lot of top brands.

Value of the Day
Walmart has a daily special that they change each day. They call it the “Value of the Day”. I can’t vouch for how competitive the savings are since it varies every day but it’s worth checking out on their web site.

RSS Feeds for Walmart
RSS feeds are a great way to get updates on the latest deals without having to do anything besides sign up for the feed. A nice feature of the feed is that they allow you to pick savings by category. If you only want savings related to electronics then you can set up the feed for just electronics.

Try some of these tips out I’m sure they will save you money in the long run. If you shop a lot at Walmart then you should be using these tips all the time. Walmart makes them available so why not use them to help take the sting out of the total cost at the checkout counter.