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Who is was founded in 2007 by computer industry veterans, with the idea that computers can make our everyday lives easier, and people shouldn't need to be computer wizards to take advantage of the incredible potential, and power of technology to make our lives simpler.

Why was started with the belief that many products have not lived up to their full potential, either because they were too hard to use, or because they simply were not helpful enough to solve everyday problems. Opera 7 screen capture {float: right; margin-right: 0.5em}

What keeps them going?

The company is driven to create great products like that give people back some of the lost time that modern life has taken from them.

How do they measure their success?

The ultimate goal for the company is to use computers to help provide a little more free time to spend with the family, visit friends, or just enjoy the day a little more fully.

The GroceryWiz team